Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter has come and gone

Easter, for this year, has come and gone already....didn't have enough from any one day to do a complete report so will just post some random photos from over the long weekend.

We'll start with a photo of the very full 'log bay'.  This was the first time I've been over to the park since the water levels rose.  Water levels, by the way, have dropped slightly the last couple of days, due to cooler overnight temperatures which also brought snow to the local mountain tops.

Love this photo which shows the high water in the other direction.

Was pleased to see....

that the Black-capped Chickadees were still hanging about at the nesting site we reported on a few weeks ago.

Now on Easter Sunday itself these extra large 'Easter Bunnies' were,  apart from multitudes of people, the only 'wild life' we saw when we ventured over to the Harrison Bay area. 

Today we returned to a much quieter scene...

along the bay and river....apart from quite a few Canada Geese in the fields and a few Bufflehead out on the river, plus one Belted Kingfisher that wouldn't cooperate for a picture the only birds we saw were....

some European Starling....

and this White-crowned Sparrow busy singing it's little heart out from a blackberry bramble.

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