Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Role reversal

Back in February we were saying it looked and felt like April.  Now it is April, we are getting weather and temperatures more suited to February!  It has been cooler and there has been more snow on all the surrounding hills these past few days than we've since early December.

and another thing that has happened is all that water that was here when it really shouldn't have been....

is now this rate we should be able to walk over to the park again in a few days....although for how long will be any bodies guess!

Yesterday we walked over at Harrison Bay, in the rain, pretty sure there is a Canada Goose nesting on the other side of that little bay in the distance and there is an Osprey building a nest on a piling in a location pretty much impossible to get a picture of.

This Gold-crowned Sparrow was in the hedgerow yesterday, not quite in full breeding colour yet.

The pair of White-crowned Sparrow were at the same location as last time we were here so I'm pretty sure this must be a pair planning to stay and nest rather than moving on.

Just arriving back for the season are the Brown-headed Cowbirds, this one being a female. 

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