Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day Shock

Today was Earth imagine our shock when we drove over to Harrison Bay today....

only to discover that every single tree around the perimeter of the parking lot had been cut down!  Even here, in the area between the drive into the boat launch parking lot and the campground an area that was always, without exception, full of birds.  These pictures don't even begin to show the actual devastation!

the fact that such a thing can even be allowed to happen in what is supposed to be a park is simply beyond comprehension.  How can a place that participates and even promotes the viewing of Bald Eagles then cut down every single large tree that the birds use and require? 

I am absolutely appalled by what has taken place.

Wanted to point out the snow on the tops of the local hills.....they've had more snow this month than they got all winter.

also it appears this pair of Osprey are attempting to build a nest on this group of pilings straight out from the campground.  Hopefully they won't be too disturbed by all the recreational boat traffic that happens.

and back up at our end wanted to show that the water levels are just starting to creep up - again.

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