Friday, May 1, 2015


This first day of May we had some rare visitors..... American White Pelicans!  I didn't get to see them but my husband did while walking our two dogs....

he managed this 'proof they were there' photo but that was all.  They were way over close to the edge of the Harrison River.  This is just the 2nd sighting of Pelicans here that I know of, the last time was in August of  2010.

The above photo was taken at Elk Island National Park in Alberta.  I've just posted it so you can see what they look like a bit more clearly.  Pelicans are common on the prairies but there is also a population of them that nest in the Chilcotin area of our province. 

I went down later in hopes of seeing the birds for myself, but of course no such luck.  Here are the water levels....this first day of May.

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