Monday, December 2, 2013

Winters on it's way....

I had hoped that I'd have been able to post some snow photos today....but the snow didn't start until a few hours later....not that we got a lot of it but what we did get will be here tomorrow 'cause we are well below freezing now...

but it was just kind of grey and chilly when we were out there....and once again we had the place to ourselves...kind of nice!

with the lack of disturbance, there were lots of birds around, at least out in the estuary....for the first time this year there was a pair of Trumpeter Swans snoozing out there among the miscellaneous ducks.

these guys were up the other way...Mallards, Green-wing Teal and a couple of least they were there until an eagle sent them flying..

and speaking of Bald Eagles...there is just one of a number scattered about.

All was quiet along the trail except for....

this female Northern Flicker....she was kind off far off but since we haven't seen one for a while, thought I'd post it.

this Great Blue Heron flew in and perched on the piling as we were watching....

what we had been watching were the number of Chum Salmon that are still spawning...a good sign as we are now into December.

Couple of things to mention:  Last week I mentioned my suspicion of an owl being around, well over the weekend a Northern Pygmy Owl was spotted in the park (not by me) so they are definitely around now and also Pine Siskin have been notable by their absence but I've heard there is a huge flock around, twice recently they have landed very briefly and taken off again...something I've seen before early in the season, they don't seem to start coming to feeders until the natural food supply lessens.  

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