Sunday, December 8, 2013

Harrison River

The deep freeze continues....didn't get for a walk today but we did go for a drive over to Chilliwack and on the way back noticed....

that there was a huge concentration of waterfowl in the Harrison River just north of the bridge.  The white dots out there are Trumpeter Swans....

here is a bit closer look at just one small section....Canada Geese, Mallards, Common Golden-eye and even a Northern Pin tail in the mix.

more were lined up all along the shoreline too.   Most of Harrison Bay, where these birds normally hang out, is ice so they have had to relocate.

Now this photo is left over from yesterday...a European Starling, one of many feasting on the suet...even though Starling's aren't the most desirable of birds, every body has to eat so don't begrudge them a meal in this weather.

there seems to be a steady stream of Northern Flickers showing up as well.

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