Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Another chilly, but beautiful day....

The temperature never got above minus 1 today but it didn't feel quite so cold as yesterday 'cause the wind let up somewhat.  

it was just beautiful out there, in fact I spent a good part of the day outside with a camera.  Lots of ducks taking shelter in the first bay....

and the Trumpeter Swans are coming closer....this pair were just off of the first bay today.

not much out there on those gravel bars now....birds would use up too much energy trying to keep warm as the winds really whip down the river and across the exposed flats.

this Bald Eagle was one of several perched near the log bay...

and there were quite a few scattered along the shorelines.

quite the collection of ducks out there...mainly Mallards, like the 3 in back of this photo, but also American Wigeon (a male in this photo), and Northern Shoveler (a female in photo), and not in the photo, Gadwall, Green-wing Teal and Hooded Mergansers.

Now, just because I am finding this so photos today of

not only this female Anna's Hummingbird that has taken over my yard.....

but also this male at one of my neighbours.

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