Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow day

I guess you could say I took a snow day from blogging yesterday.  It wasn't that it wasn't in my mind.  Far from it but with a coating of lovely dry white fluffy snow out there I took so much time out there taking pictures and then editing, that I never got them posted!  So here are a few....

this was the scene at the log bay....light snow was drifting down at the time, as it did all day long.

there were Bald Eagles everywhere you looked!  this was just one of the 'eagle' trees, this one down off of the golf course.

many were feeding right down in the log bay area, along with numerous gulls and ducks

mustn't ignore the Great Blue Heron that were also braving the elements....

and although this isn't a great photo of a Northern Harrier, it is recognizable as such and the only one I've managed to get so far this fall.

Now I want to put this in just to show that the Anna's Hummingbirds are still here...watched this one going over the bark of a cedar tree yesterday, presumably there are little bugs hiding beneath the bark.

Today we have warmed up to almost zero....I've been out and about again and have a whole bunch more photos to go through.....have to say I saw more eagles today than I've seen for many years, if ever!

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