Friday, December 6, 2013

Deep Freeze!

Well we are now in the middle of a deep freeze, big time!

That is ice out there...the only open water was the small dark area.  Needless to mention there wasn't a bird in sight apart from a few eagles flying over head.  My thermometer in a sheltered position, got to a high of -4.5 today but down here I hate to think what the temperature was with the wind chill factored in because the wind is just whipping down from the north east.

you can't really see it in this photo but that wind is creating quite the dust storm as it scours the gravel bars.  The wind was also the reason why we didn't attempt walking over to the park today.  We were bundled up warm enough but with this cold, trees become brittle and with these strong winds coming from a different direction than we normally get wind, it is a dangerous combination.  Already this morning we have had one small landslide on the hillside to the west of the estuary....first we had rain that would have seeped into rock crevices, then it froze, bringing expansion and then with the strong winds rocking the trees, down a section came....fortunately it was in a spot that didn't cause any damage and wasn't big enough to actually block the road...this time!

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