Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's here...winter that is

How does it go?  'The north wind 'duth blow and we shall have snow and what will poor robin do then?'

well it was a little backward, first we got snow...not a lot and not for very long...and now the north wind 'duth certainly blow!  It is bitter out there.

because of the wind there were lots of gulls, ducks and this Great Blue Heron in this more sheltered location.

most of the Bald Eagles that were seen were riding the wind over head, the flats were pretty much a barren wasteland, but here and there one or two would be down braving the wind for a meal.

Killdeer were smart, they were in the really sheltered first bay.

and over at the log bay there was a Trumpeter Swan family...hopefully, with the winds forecast to continue for sometime, some swans will make it up to other sheltered areas.

the only bird actually seen along the trail today....was one of those 'poor' robins!  I tried for a photo but the camera didn't want to focus on it and it was too cold to stand around trying.

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