Thursday, March 7, 2013

Very 'birdie' day!

Today, despite being a bit showery,  was one of those days when there were so many birds in so many places it was impossible to see them all!

We'll start with a view taken at the log bay....

Just to show the grey, low clouds, water levels and the fact that the grass is turning green!

There were Red-wing Blackbirds calling from one end of the walk to the other.  This fellow perched momentarily on a piling.

Not quite as numerous, but almost, were the American Robins.  Robins have been with us for almost two weeks now and their numbers seem to be increasing almost daily.

Speaking of numerous, there were so many little Gold-crowned Kinglets and Bush-tits bouncing around in the bushes and tree tops that it was impossible to count them (or get a picture).  Song Sparrows were singing, always on the other side of a bunch of little branches, 

Spotted Towhee were there too although the only photo we managed was this 'butt' shot.

Today I finally managed to spot....

the Hairy Woodpecker I've been hearing.  He was working away up in one of the big 'eagle' trees.

While I was watching him, a pair of....

 Downy Woodpeckers flew past.  This one settled momentarily before joining is partner in one  of the large cedar tree groves.

I also caught sight of a Northern Flicker.  March is the month when we can expect an influx of flickers as they migrate through.  This is also the month to keep the eyes peeled for spots of blue as Mountain Bluebirds should be migrating any time now.  The first sunny day, keep the ears tuned skyward for the chattering of Tree Swallows....and of course Hummingbirds should be back soon as well.  I put my feeder out today,  Rufous may be a week or two away but Anna's have spent the winter not that far away and will be spreading out as the weather warms.

One more thing to add.....I was thrilled to look out my window a few minutes ago to see one of the rabbits....or more correctly, the sub-species of Snow Shoe Hare.  Nice to know they are still around.  My camera was near to hand but the hare ducked under my neighbours shed before I could manage a picture.

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