Sunday, March 31, 2013

Beautiful Easter Day

What a beautiful sunny warm day we've had for Easter 2013!  Just going to post a few miscellaneous photos that I took today....

We'll start with a gull.....this one was at the log bay this morning and I think this is a Herring Gull. Part of the confusion is the birds are changing from their winter, to their breeding plumage, as if gulls weren't confusing enough!  There were a lot of crows out there this morning too, but more up along the Chehalis River than out on the flats themselves.

This Mourning Cloak Butterfly was posing beautifully, so just had to take it's picture.

This Varied Thrush was also soaking up the I've mentioned before, these guys will quietly disappear over the next month.

and finally!  some Rufous Hummingbird pictures!  Not great ones but better than nothing.  This female was busy slurping up some breakfast....

and later in the afternoon, this male....of course the light was all wrong so his gorget shows black instead of brilliant red....

and then there are Purple Finch!  Lots of Purple Finch, I counted 18 of them in my yard at one point this afternoon.


not a great picture, it was getting darker and it was a long way off but there, almost in the middle of the picture, behind a bush, is a Coyote that was creating quite the ruckus out on the flats tonight.  Other's were answering him from way up on the hillside to the west of the estuary.

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