Monday, March 25, 2013

Beautiful Day!

What a beautiful day!  We almost reached the teens, temperature wise....definitely the warmest day so far.

So we'll start out with a view of clear blue skies and gradually greening grasses.

You'll really have to peer at this picture to spot the bird, but it was one of those little Bushtits.  there were a few around, perhaps checking out nesting sites, remember a pair built a nest quite close to the trail a couple of years ago.

Speaking of nesting sites, there were I don't know how many Tree Swallows flying around the pilings today, and this European Starling standing guard over this particular one.  Starlings are cavity nester's just like swallows, Chickadees, Woodpeckers etc.

Now for a bird you can actually see.....a Song Sparrow of course, they'll be nesting soon if they aren't already.  They nest on the ground at the bases of shrubs so keep yourself, your kids and your dogs on the trails!

This pair of Spotted Towhee will be nesting soon too and they also build their nests on the ground.

another not great photo but taken because it is rather unusual to have a Northwestern Crow perched in a tree but that is where this guy was.  I imagine checking out possible nesting sites.

another unusual sight at the log bay today, at least at this time of the year, a Mew Gull.  I think this is a second year bird.

managed to catch this pair of Canada Geese in flight....

quite a few Mallards around (by the way, pictures aren't as cropped as they used to be as I'm having to do these blog entries right from the blogger site and I don't seem to still have the cropping option.

the Bufflehead  are still here too, you can almost see the purple sheen on the males head in this photo.

Purple Finch numbers are increasing now with the more seasonal weather....and lastly

Mourning Cloak Butterflies were out, this one soaking up the sun on a landscape tie.

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