Thursday, March 28, 2013

Heading north....

Has planned for this posting to be done last night, but never quite made it so am doing it early this morning...

The day started out with a familiar sound over head....

Trumpeter Swans, heading north!  I stood and watched them with tears in my eyes.  I have no idea why I always get so emotional when I see them leaving.  Maybe it is because they always sound so excited or maybe it is the pagan in me celebrating the fact that despite mans worst efforts, nature continues on it's natural course.

so continuing along in that theme, the next item of the day was spotting the first White-crowned Sparrow of the season.  No doubt it's cousin's the Yellow-crowned and maybe even a White-throated, won't be far behind.

it was another beautiful day.  Mother nature seems to be trying to make amends for all that rain and gloom we endured earlier!

Although there were a number of birds around on our walk, not many were co-operative for decent pictures.  American Robin of course like to pose.

in fact I spent an enjoyable amount of time sitting taking photos of a pair of them working over the lawn beside my place.

I had actually been trying to get a picture of one of the Townsend's Chipmunks that are running around all over the place at the moment.  This species of chipmunk is only found on the west coast and tends to be a bit larger and darker in colour than it's interior counterparts.

Varied Thrush are still with us although they will quietly disappear over the next month as the snows melt and they head higher into the mountains or further north for the breeding season.

My evening walk resulted in the above photo of a Pacific Wren (formerly called 'winter wren').  this little guy was busy climbing over a wood pile looking for bugs.

I'd also noticed this Song Sparrow acting strangely like it was thinking of nesting under that clump of grass on top of a piling....surely not!

and speaking of Song Sparrows acting strangely, this one was determined to get to the suet today!

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