Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back on track....

Well I think we are getting back on track.  Getting the new computer figured out and have now managed to download all the memory cards so we are now up to date.

March came in like a lion.  Rain, rain, and more rain!  Water levels rose and then dropped back down as soon as the rain stopped.

The most exciting thing to happen 'bird wise' in the last few days has been having a Northern Pygmy Owl show up in my yard.

He first appeared on Sunday....then this morning....

There was a bit of a ruckus outside and there he was with 'breakfast'!  A Red-wing Blackbird - of which there are no shortage right now!

Just a few of the Red-wings that have spent the winter with us.  Also still with us are the....

Red-breasted Nuthatch although not in the numbers we had.  The last few days I've only seen one at a time, up until Sunday when the owl appeared, there were a pair (m & f) coming together.  I certainly hope that one didn't become an owl snack!

and I think that is enough for now, just in case this doesn't all work.

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