Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Waves of weather!

My goodness what a strange day!  About the only weather we haven’t experienced today is snow.

Thanks to yesterday’s discussion with district personal, and my now much smaller area for viewing….and knowing that birds don’t stay in one place for very long, I felt the best line of action is to visit the ‘allowed’ area more frequently…

Eagles, ducks and Swan

so when the rain let up, I did my first visit of the day….it was very busy with Swans, Bald Eagles and miscellaneous ducks all in quite close..

More activity

There was a lot of Bald Eagle activity…you can see the river was really choppy as it was quite windy.


by the time our normal walk time arrived – it was raining – the swans were still there but the numbers of eagles seemed to have decreased…

Siskin and a Redpoll

a couple of alder trees were covered in flocks of Pine Siskin.  I was hoping to spot a Common Redpoll among them but it was so wet and dark it was impossible to see…I think, when I really zoom this up, there is one, but couldn’t swear to it.


here is a more detailed look at some of their antics as they feed on the tiny seeds of the alder cones.

Swans in the sunshine

had only just got home when the sun came out, so grabbed the binoculars and went back in hopes that the Siskin might still be there, but of course they weren’t, so took some pictures of the Swans in the sunshine….I’m pretty sure these were Trumpeter Swans, although the fellow to the left has me confused!  I could hear all kinds of Tundra Swans down off of where the log bay is, but couldn’t see them from my location.

Female Buffleheads

these two little female Bufflehead were also there…

Pair of Gadwall in the sunshine

and a pair of the Gadwall were close enough for a sun lit picture…now, as I post this….it is absolutely pouring again!

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