Friday, December 14, 2012

Trying to be winter….

With the official start of winter just a week away it seemed we were having a test run today as we actually woke up to just a skiff of snow on the grass and roof tops…

Eagle and snowy Mt. Woodside

by the time we got for our walk, the clouds had lifted enough to show a very snowy Mt. Woodside.

Eagle on the shore

That Bald Eagle stayed perched on his stump the entire time we were in the area…


there were actually quite a few eagles around today, perched in trees all along the foreshore and I could tell there were a lot of them on the far end of the exposed gravel bars…I think there were some swans down there too but difficult to see from my vantage point.

Four young ones

one of the ‘eagle trees’ over in the park had these 4 youngsters in it.  The Red-wing Blackbirds were also over there, along with some Starling and I could hear the Steller’s Jay mobbing something – usually the sign of an owl being around, but didn’t brave the forbidden path to investigate.

Golden-crowned Kinglet

the bit of bush over at my end was alive with Gold Crowned Kinglets – these little guys never sit still and this was the best I could manage for a picture, at least it shows the ‘gold crown’!  On my way home I noticed a pair of Northern Flicker running around on a roof, almost like they were chasing something.  Not sure I’ve ever seen that before!

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