Monday, December 3, 2012

December dilemma….

A new month, a new dilemma….but lets start with the fact that it finally stopped raining!

Dec. 3, 2012

all that rain has, of course, brought water levels up a bit…

Eagles, Swan and Heron

It was nice and quiet (as in no people) when we started out, so there were a number of Bald Eagles lining the near shore….


and a number of Trumpeter Swans right in close as well.

View from banned spot

now we get to the ‘dilemma’ part.  This, of course, is the view from the area of the path that gets blocked, then unblocked, and blocked…today it was once again ‘unblocked’ BUT the question is who blocked it?  Because I spent a considerable amount of time talking to parks staff and it wasn’t them….but of course the whole issue of the path across the grasslands was again raised….of even more concern now that it appears in recent weeks that more than one path is being created.  I was told today that there are official letters from Fisheries, among others, saying that this path is not to be used.  If that is indeed the case, then I would be the first to stop using it as protecting the environment has to be the top priority.  To that end I have promised to, at least for the time being, cease walking the ‘forbidden’ path – so this is the last view of this area you will see for the foreseeable future.

Hairy Woodpecker

this Hairy Woodpecker was working on a log in the ‘forbidden zone’ today…

Swans in the distance

and speaking of ‘hairy’, just walking the path at the park can be down right ‘hairy’ with some of the situations you meet – today being one of them.  Nobody doing anything ‘wrong’, just not the nice peaceful place it used to be.

Gulls galore

Gulls were extremely vocal today….the little pond, and I guess a bit of an outlet from it, was just packed with gulls…

Gull detail

here is a close look at some of them.  I think there are at least one, if not two, Western/Glaucous Wing crosses among them. (darker bird right in middle and one on extreme right)

Gulls, Mallard, & Tundra Swans

more gulls further out, along with this group of swans, these ones being Tundra Swans….and a few Mallard in the foreground.

Stretching eagle

last, but certainly not least, this adult Bald Eagle was having a good stretch…

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