Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Today we have snow. 

Dec. 19 '12 020

It was snowing and 0.0 degrees when I got up….and it is still snowing and 0.0 degrees now as I post this in the late afternoon…

The first bay

the desire to get snow pictures won out over any desire to conform to political correctness and so I went for a walk over to the park…this is the first bay…

approaching the log bay

and here we’re approaching the log bay…where several eagles were perched in trees..

Juvenile in the snow

including this juvenile Bald Eagle.

Crows in the snow

it was down right nasty on the foreshore with wind driving the snow…but here and at other spots along the foreshore were Northwestern Crows

Heron and Mallard in the snow

No sign of any small birds but the ducks were there and also at least one Great Blue Heron.  I think all the small birds were sheltering at area feeders, I know I had an abundance of them at mine!

Red-wing Blackbirds

including masses of Red-wing Blackbirds.

Adult in the snow

we’ll end today with a few more snowy Bald Eagle pictures…



Eagles in the snow

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