Thursday, December 6, 2012

Miserable day!

What a miserable wet,cold day today was.  If I wasn’t a dog owner I never would have ventured out for a walk…as it was, it was a very quick one.

View of the estuary

through the almost solid sheet of rain could see that there were a fair number of eagles out on the flats, and lots of swans all along the foreshore.

Populated Eagle Trees

the ‘eagle trees’ over there at the northern edge of the park were also quite well populated.

Trumpeter Family

the swans today all appeared to be Trumpeter Swans…including this family with 3 young ones that were settling down for a nap in this spot.

Feeding trumpeters in the rain

others were feeding right off of where we stood.  Trumpeters eat aquatic vegetation and you can see from the surface, there is a good bed of vegetation here…

Swan lump

this one was feeding in what must be a deeper spot, a couple of pairs of Gadwall were keeping him company…

Swan trio

and we’ll end off with another trio. 

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  1. Just amazed at all of the swans! Thanks so much for taking that cold, damp walk!