Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The water is still rising!

Beautiful sunny morning today!

Sept29 002

calm and quiet.

Sept29 003

The amazing thing is that the water is still creeping up.

Sept29 004

These chairs have been sitting at the end of our boat launch path for several weeks now.  This morning, when I took the top two pictures, they were still ‘high and dry’ ~ now at mid-day the water was too deep for me to wade in (was wearing runners) and rescue them.

Sept29 006

Canada Geese still hanging around out there.  My husband said that last night when he was doing his evening walk he watched literally hundreds of them fly in to spend the night.  There were a few Mallards around and a couple of Heron, but that was about it.

Sept29 009

The shallow water where it is creeping up over the gravel is alive with baby fish ~ I have no idea what kind.

Sept29 011

Wanted to mention this little guy ~ a Townsend’s Chipmunk.  In the 13 years I’ve lived here I have never seen such a healthy population of Chipmunks as we have this year.  They, along with the little native Douglas Squirrels are everywhere!  This time of the year they are all very busy stashing away food for the winter.  The other day there were 3 of these little guys at the same feeder, busy stuffing the bird seed into their cheek pouches.  I haven’t noticed any Chipmunks in the park itself, but we sure have them in the residential area.

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