Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last day of summer

Today, being the last day of summer, I figured I would make sure to post something ~ anything…..

Sept22 001

It was a beautiful day, as this picture, taken on our morning walk, shows.  I should mention though, that as I’m doing this posting, cloud is moving in.  Note too that the water level has dropped again, less than yesterday’s level but not yet back to where it was prior to the rains.  That is the way it will go….up and down and up and down depending on what the weather does.

Sept22 003

We’re over at the first bay now….still with water but not quite so much….and it is so quiet ‘bird wise’ that I am beginning to wonder if I’ll have anything to post!

Sept22 006

But then….a Ruffed Grouse ran across the path in front of us.  I’ve spotted Ruffed Grouse in the park before, but this was the first time I’ve been able to actually get a picture of one.

Sept22 007

and unfortunately it chose a place of dense shade to stop in and I only had my ‘small’ camera so any closer shots were blurry….this was the best of the bunch.  I should explain I guess, I use 3 different digital cameras.  The ‘small’ one is an Olympus with 18x optical zoom and 7.1 megapixels.  This is the camera I have with me most of the time as I can tuck it inside a jacket or vest and I don’t worry about it so much if the weather is bad.  All of the pictures in the first two postings were taken with my Canon Powershot with 20x optical zoom and 12.1 megapixels.  I actually really like this camera and use it when ever I’m not rushing through a walk or think there might actually be something to take a picture of, and lastly, if I’m not having to hold a dogs leash…and it isn’t raining….I’ll take my Pentex DSLR camera with 300 mm telephoto lens.

Sept22 009

So back to today, this is off of the log bay and you can see the gravel bars are starting to emerge again.  Besides the Ruffed Grouse I spotted a Ruby Crowned Kinglet….couldn’t get a picture of the active little guy…could hear some geese way out there and there was one lone heron, but that was about it.  Some days are like that.  Some days there just isn’t much of anything and other days there are so many birds you don’t know where to look first!

So the summer of 2010 ends at, I think, sometime around 8 pm tonight…..

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