Saturday, September 25, 2010

another kind of ‘bird’

What a beautiful day!  We must have flipped back to summer.

Sept25 008

The most obvious feature on the flats today, apart from the glorious summer like weather, was a helicopter that spent the better part of an hour examining the region.

Sept25 010

Air traffic in this area is a growing concern….sometimes it seems like we live beside an airport, rather than a wild life habitat….but although I don’t have any basis in fact to make this assumption, I am hoping that in this case, it might have been a good thing.  Today, the B.C. Watershed Society, in conjunction with tomorrow being World River’s Day, held a rally in near by Deroche and I’m hoping that this plane had something to do with that rally.

Sept25 011

Hard as it is to fathom…this area that is ‘internationally’ recognized as an important bird area, doesn’t get the same respect here at home.  For many years this incredible place has been on the books as a ‘proposed’ wildlife management area ~ and, despite the fact that a couple of other areas in the general vicinity were granted this designation last year, the Chehalis Estuary is still just that ~ ‘proposed’

Sept25 013

What is even more disturbing is the fact that this area is zoned for gravel mining!  The estuary itself has a lower rating as to desirability than do other area’s in the immediate area, but all are a concern given the sensitive habitat ~ hence the rally that was held today, which I am ashamed to say, I didn’t attend.

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