Monday, September 27, 2010

Foggy start to the day….

You know it must be fall when you get up to fog!

Sept27 002

Fog lends a surreal atmosphere to the estuary….Canada Geese and Mallards can be heard, but not seen in the mist.

Sept27 005

You have to fight your way through dew covered cobwebs just to get down the path.  Eagles can be heard and this morning, coyotes were calling as well, way off in the distance….

Sept27 007 

Water levels seem to have crept up even higher….such was the scene this morning.

I didn’t get for my usual mid-day walk, the reason being one of my pet peeves and something I am going to ‘rant’ about every time it happens.  Dogs – or more specifically, dog owners….who refuse to obey the sign that says ‘Dogs on leash at all times’.  I have nothing against dogs, I own two of them and have been involved in almost every aspect of dog activity there is during my life time but I will never understand why some owners have to give all dog owners a bad name by not obeying leash laws!

I did manage to get a count of Bald Eagles though – 33!  The highest number so far this season.

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