Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Path under water…..

Well I won’t be doing my usual walk over to the park any time soon!  Here is what the path looks like today…

Sept28 008

All that rain in the past few days continues to flow down the hillsides and the water levels here continue to rise.

Sept28 006

It’s now way up our boat launch…

Sept28 007

and there isn’t a gravel bar in sight!

Sept28 005

This was one of 4 Great Blue Heron I saw today….they’re having trouble finding fishing spots.  Only saw 7 Bald Eagles, they were busy harassing what appeared to be several hundred ducks, way out.

There were lots of Black Cap Chickadees in the bushes, also spotted one Yellow rump Warbler.  Up near the bird feeders there was this

Sept28 002

Band Tail Pigeon.  There are also a lot of Sparrows around right now including Song, White Crowned and a few Gold Crowned, and several dozen Evening Grosbeak are making quick work of the bird seed!

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