Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blustery, wet night….

Yesterday’s beautiful day was followed by a blustery night, where temperatures rose until it was 23 degrees (that’s Celsius) at 11 o’clock at night.  When the winds finally died, the rain began….

Sept.26 001

this picture, taken in the afternoon between ‘system’s’ shows that the water levels are now creeping back up….again.

Sept.26 002

It was pretty quiet all along the trail….the lowest of the 4 logs is now almost submerged – again.

Sept.26 006

Just out from the log bay there were quit a few Canada Geese, some Mallards and not visible in this picture, quite a large raft of American Widgeon Ducks.

Sept.26 009

It looked just as stormy looking south towards Chilliwack.  On the way back, at the first bay, a Killdeer flew by, at face height  and so close we ducked, with a raptor of some sort in hot pursuit!  It happened so fast I’m really not sure what the bird was…it was light gray in color, so could have been a male Northern Harrier, or even a Peregrine Falcon.  We did see two female or juvenile Northern Harrier and there were quite a few (as in about a dozen) Bald Eagles either out on the flats or soaring over head.  ‘Quite a few right now, doesn’t compare to what ‘quite a few’ will be in another 6 weeks or so ~ then ‘quite a few’ will mean several hundred!  All going as it should of course!

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