Saturday, April 1, 2017

Another month gone.....

Well here we are, the start of another month, so had better wrap up soggy March.  At least it went out like a lamb.....

I'll start with the Harrison River on the 29th when we finally saw a break in the rain.  There weren't a lot of birds around but did notice...

a male Brown Headed Cowbird.....the first of the season....not the most welcome of birds due to their parasitic nature, but really, it isn't really the birds fault that evolution made them that way.  Just noticed that it looks like there might be a female  Red-wing Blackbird right behind him....the females have just been showing up recently.

Purple Finch are here in big numbers.  At  least a couple of dozen at our feeders all day everyday right now.

at the estuary the most notable species right now are the swallows, (none in this picture) but in the evening especially there are several hundred, both Tree and Violet-green.

a few Great Blue Heron (2 in photo) out there as well.  These are young birds as breeding adults are now busy nest building at the various heronrys....none of which are in this area.

Black-capped Chickadee are paired up and searching out nesting sites...broken off tree trunks like this one are popular, and after the ice storm last winter, there are quite a few more available.

speaking of nesting, there was a bit of 'hanky panky' going on yesterday over at the Bald Eagle nest.

love is in the air with the Eurasian Doves as well.

and finally, after a few pleasant days spring is happening....these Horsetails appeared almost overnight.

it has taken a while but the Indian Plum are finally in flower.  Have seen a couple of Salmon Berry bush flowers as well but not where I've been able to get photos.  They are a month later than last year.

Things will be happening quickly is an exciting time of the year.  OH, yes, should mention that we saw the first garter snake of the year yesterday....anyone who has followed this blog for a while will know not to expect to see a snake love of all things nature does not extend to those with no legs. 

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