Monday, April 24, 2017

Lots of green.....

We didn't know it at the time but I guess our 'Earth day' walk to the log bay was the last walk to the park for the next, who knows how many months because the water levels that had been sitting stagnant, have risen considerably.... so our walks the last couple of days have been elsewhere....

we didn't get to Harrison Bay until after supper yesterday....and were surprised at how much everything has advanced since we were last there....the dike is lined with Dandelions....those, oh so important early source of food for our bees.

the Red Elderberry bushes are in full flower....and notice all the Canada Geese feeding out there in that very green field.

the Pacific Choke Cherries are in flower too.....there weren't many birds showing themselves but this American Robin cooperated for a photo.

The Poplar Trees are really leafing out but can still make out the Bald Eagle's nest.

this picture gives an indication of why there weren't many birds....the wind had come up and rain was moving in fast.

This morning we walked down to the boat launch...

where this American Robin was getting it's breakfast....

and this male Red-wing Blackbird was one of several staking out their territories.

A big surprise....

and sorry for the quality of the photo...were seeing these Cliff Swallows in our gazebo!  Now for years and years the roof of our gazebo has hosted nests of Barn Swallows....I have never, ever seen Cliff Swallows in it although when one thinks about it, it is a perfect location for them.  It will be interesting to see if they set up residence.

and since this isn't part of IBA BC033, I'll only post the one photo from our afternoon walk....this being an area near Agassiz.

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