Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sparrows are arriving

Right on schedule, the sparrows are starting to arrive......

I didn't get to the park today but understand there were some White-crowned Sparrows over there today, while this was one of a pair over by the dike today, in the same general area where they nested last year.

House Sparrows (male on left, female on right), have been over there all winter, hanging about the yard with bird feeders.

when I spotted this guy I couldn't make out exactly what it I see it is a Savannah Sparrow - first one of the season!

The other common theme at the moment seems to be....

Northern Flicker.  This male drumming on one of the light standards in our complex.

and checking out nesting sites like this pair....

and the one on this tree.  This area is now becoming a great nesting site due to so many broken branches and tree tops due to wind storms the last couple of years.  Fortunately it is an area where no one can complain about 'dangerous' or 'ugly' and so nature can takes it's course and boy are the birds taking advantage!

Black-capped Chickadees are another 'cavity' nesting species making use of the area, as are

Tree Swallows.  This one checking out a 'man made' cavity....something that not all cavity nesters will accept.

there were a number of Eurasian Collared Dove on the ground today, maybe picking up grit which birds need for digestion.

I think the female Bald Eagle was on the nest today.  There was only one adult visible in the area and he didn't go to the nest so couldn't be sure.  When she is sitting on eggs she hunkers down and isn't visible so the only way to be sure she is there is when she greets him.

There continue to be pairs of Northwestern Crows about.  This one part of a pair at...

the log bay yesterday, where you will note the water is creeping up slowly but steadily.

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