Thursday, April 27, 2017

April showers

If April showers bring May flowers then May will be pretty colourful!

Because we sure have been getting the showers!  Rather frustrating when you are trying to get outside chores accomplished....and as you can see from the above...

the water continues to rise.  This was taken this evening.  At the current rate we won't be able to look at this view pretty soon as it will all be under water.

So haven't got anywhere interesting the last few days but did take a few photos of birds in the yard today...

that includes this female Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker.  The Brown-headed cowbirds are back in force (2 males and a female above).  Lots of Purple Finch (2 males above) and numbers of White-crowned Sparrows have increased too. (1 above)

Steller's Jay out there too.

Hoping tomorrow we will get back to Harrison Bay during the day to see what is happening.  In the meantime will leave you with this evening view.

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