Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nothing special

There hasn't been anything too special the last few days.  Weather continues to fluctuate from....

promise of sunshine and warm temperatures....

to dull, cool and showery....

the Tree Swallows seem to be around no matter the weather, at least as long as it isn't down right pouring.

Red-wing Blackbirds continue setting up territories.  I saw a female yesterday but didn't manage a photo.  

Normally in March we see quite a few Northern Flicker as they migrate through and often we see the Yellow-shafted variety or hybrids of the two.  So far haven't noticed any increase
in numbers.  This fellow appears to be a typical Red-shafted Flicker.

March and early April is also the time when large numbers of Dark-eyed Junco are moving through and we often see these 'oddballs' - correctly called 'leutistic' where there is white markings in areas where they shouldn't normally be.

and then there are the hummingbirds....these one being a female Anna's that have been around all winter long, but they are now joined by the Rufous with males arriving a few days ago and the females showing up now.

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