Thursday, March 23, 2017

Now it feels like spring!

Today it looked and felt like spring!

not completely crystal clear blue sky but more than we've seen for a long time and the first day it actually felt warm.

Tree Swallows were out in force....

as were European Starlings....these busy feeding along the blackberry brambles but there were lots of pairs of them seeking out nesting sites in the trees along the shoreline

When I took this picture...

I thought it would have to be X rated....but now I think it was more a battle over a nesting site.

and speaking of of the Bald Eagles was at the nest, while the other was close by.

Now last post I said I 'thought'....

there had been some Western Meadowlarks?  Well turned out I was right because they were there today too.  Counted 21 of them....this was the only photo I managed though.  What I hadn't seen the day I thought the meadowlarks were there, were Mountain Bluebirds.  Apparently there had been 4 of them that day.

Back to checking out nesting sites though...

a pair of Pileated Woodpecker were checking out this tree.

there were a few Eurasian Collared Dove....not as many as there have been all winter because they have now spread out all over the area.

and the most exciting news?  They're back.....

pretty much right on schedule.....the first Rufous Hummingbird males showed up today.

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