Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Still snowing

And it is still snowing...

this was this is dark out now but if I could take a picture now it would be a lot whiter because it has been coming down steady since late this afternoon.

Yesterday we walked over....

to the log bay.  It was extremely quiet....and just starting to snow....again.

there were a few Mallard pair, including this pair that never moved although I notice the male has an eye open.

this Bald Eagle was one of a couple around, but what has been really noticeable the last few days are the numbers and amount of activity with all the common birds...

lot's of Dark-eyed Junco like this guy.  This is the time of year when they start moving through and when we are most likely to see what I like to call an 'odd ball' - the correct term being Leutistic, where there are unusual white markings in the normal plumage.  Haven't spotted one yet.

but speaking of spots....Spotted Towhee were active this morning, this with the dark black head being a male....

and this with the paler head, being a female.  There were also lots of Steller's Jay, a few Robin, a flicker and a number of Doves.

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