Thursday, September 1, 2016


It is September and suddenly it feels like we've turned the corner to fall.

The hips of the Nootka Roses (Wild Roses) are ripe as are those of the Red-Osier Dogwoods

the Pacific Crab-apples are ripening and boy is there a good crop!  So many berries around this year that these haven't been touched yet.  Good news for winter feeding.

easily over a hundred Canada Geese out there today.  Ducks too, could hear Mallards but think there are American Wigeon as well and most likely some shorebirds.

There must be some snipe in there but couldn't find any.  Thought I had spotted something really special when I saw this.....

from a distance it appeared to be a Clark's or Western Grebe swimming....turned out to be a young Great Blue Heron.....was it swimming?  Do heron swim? or was it just wading about belly deep....not sure.  Down in the left corner there is a glimpse of one of the many young Barn Swallows that were flying around as well.

Youngsters continue to be the general theme...

this is probably the last Black-headed Grosbeak of the year as hadn't seen or heard any for a week or so until this one showed up this afternoon.

Pine Siskin are here constantly.  Sometimes just a few and sometimes in masses of them.

Eurasian Collared Doves are are Anna's Hummingbirds although haven't been able to get a photo of them yet....

Caught this young Spotted Towhee in my neighbours Beauty Berry shrub this afternoon.  Perfect subdued autumn colours.

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