Monday, September 5, 2016

Snipe, Sandpiper & Swallows

So now the shorebirds start showing up.....or at least getting close enough to actually see them.

started out the walk with the usual Great Blue of 3 out there today.

then all in one little spot ....

a Killdeer with 2 Wilson's Snipe visible.....

a couple more snipe in this one and a Solitary Sandpiper.....with one of numerous Barn Swallows flying past.  There has been a huge mixed flock of mainly Barn Swallows, but also a few Violet-green swallows and Swifts, both Black and Vaux's - far to 'swift' to even attempt a picture.

here we have all 4 snipe and the sandpiper.

Saw this flock flying around tonight, almost acting like shorebirds...

I think they are American Wigeon.....definitely not Mallards but obviously ducks.  Wigeon tend to arrive in large numbers this time of the year but are difficult to ID as they are in their eclipse plumage.

Speaking of large numbers....the number of American Robins here right now is amazing and the numbers of Anna's Hummingbirds is increasing too.  Think they've been here all along, they are just making themselves more visible now.

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