Saturday, September 3, 2016


Today is, I think, the second annual shorebird count I had hoped to see some of those elusive shorebirds....  I know they are out there....

I've been catching glimpses of them, like these ones last night....too far off to figure out what they are and then today a Peregrine Falcon flew over the flats and shorebirds took off in every direction but as to what kind they were ~ who knows!

I think I mentioned last post that there just has to be some  Wilsons Snipe in this area...well...

I was right....this guy flew out of there and across to the other side of the first bay this afternoon.  Of course by the time the camera was ready he had just about disappeared into the grass - but not quite.

starting to be quite the collection out there....Geese, ducks and gulls.

and that same silly Great Blue Heron was in the same spot.  Still haven't figured out just what it is doing there.

there weren't a lot of birds along the trail today but did see a few American Robin eating the Red-Osier Dogwood berries.  There were also a lot of Barn Swallows mixed with Swifts flying about overhead today.

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