Thursday, September 8, 2016

Last few days

Figured I'd better do a bit of 'catch up' as this may be the last post for a while.  Sunday we will be setting out 'on the road' for a month or so, so by the time we return it should be salmon and eagle time.

I'll work backwards, starting with this evening....

perfectly calm with several Great Blue Heron scattered about, including this one on the broken off piling (earlier today there were 3 Pied Billed Grebe in this bay).

and this one further along the shore.

this Northern Harrier flew past tonight....first one of the season (at least that I've seen)

earlier today, in the rain, there were a number of these young Common Yellowthroat.

this male Anna's Hummingbird wasn't amused with the Yellowthroats....I've already mentioned how the numbers of these guys are increasing, or at least they are becoming more visible again...

day before yesterday we had quite a few unusual visitors stop by, starting with this Band-tail Pigeon....

followed by this Townsend's Warbler....

and quite a few Western Tanager....

including this little guy whose wings and tail have barely started to grow in.

Another youngster...

was this fledgling House Finch with it's rather 'worn' looking father!

The last couple of days we've walked the dike over at Harrison Bay but have been rather astonished at the lack of birds!

Maybe now the summer crowd at the campground has gone the birds will be brave enough to reappear!

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