Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Finally....the park is accessible

Finally.....water levels have dropped so with a bit of bush whacking we are able to walk over to the park....hadn't been there since very early April.

Here was the first bay last night.  You can see the gravel bars starting to show up out there.

and here is the log is always surprising and good  to see how much vegetation has filled in, especially along the path.  What was a bit concerning was the sad state of 2 of the very large cedar wonders why they look so sick while others further along look just fine.

This pair of Mallard were at the log bay this afternoon.  It is so nice to be seeing ducks in the area again.

there was also a young Pied-bill Grebe out there today.

Yesterday we attempted a walk over at Harrison Bay but it was just a little to hot out so didn't get too far.  There were lots of Canada Geese close to shore in the bay...

and lots of young Cedar Waxwings feasting on the dried up Black Hawthorne fruits.

also spotted this Black-throated Gray Warbler.....the above 'proof it was there' photo was as good as I could manage.

back home, youngsters are a common theme right now with lots of young American Robins around eating the fruits of some of our boulevard plantings.

the bird bath also continues to be very popular!

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