Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Birds galore....

We got for a walk over at Harrison Bay today.  It was one of those days where there were so many birds you just didn't know where to look!

there were a number of House Finch picking up something on the dike...

saw a lot of these little guys...not sure what they are..young Yellow Warblers maybe...

young Song Sparrows like this guy....lots of young Towhee too but didn't manage a picture of any of them.

Many birds, like this Cedar Waxwing were busy feasting on the berries of the Black Hawthorns.

Black-capped Chickadees were everywhere.

Saw 2 Eastern Kingbirds which makes me wonder if there is a nest somewhere there.  Have to find out if they are cavity nesters or not.

the woodpecker family was well represented with lots of Northern Flickers, Red-breasted Sapsuckers, and Hairy Woodpeckers (like this fellow).

most of the Bullock's Orioles have already headed south, but there was still one family left.

a big flock of Bushtit was moving through the Red Osier Dogwoods.

There were a number of Great Blue Heron, in fact it was nice to see some of the water type birds coming back as there were over 60 Canada Geese in the area, several Osprey and Bald Eagles.  Also saw 4 gulls but not well enough to figure out what kind they were.

now for some concerning news.  For years this field, which is apparently owned by the FVRD has been leased out and grown corn.  This past year it lay fallow much to the wildlife's delight.  It has now been mowed down because, apparently, a campground is being built here!  There is already the Kilby campground between the dike (which we are standing on) and the river, now there is supposed to be 25 sites with a washroom/shower room built in this wide open field.  Surely they will at least plant some trees but then we are all still waiting for them to plant the promised trees to replace the ones they massacred a year or so ago.  How all this will impact the entire area remains to be seen I guess ~ seems the people that actually live in the area had very little chance to express their displeasure to the whole thing.

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