Friday, January 30, 2015

Sunshine continues

Our sunny 'winter' continues although temperatures have edged back a bit more towards normal.

It is very pretty but it has also been very quiet 'bird wise' perhaps because the nice weather brings out more human activity, hard to say just what is going on.  Still if you really pay attention you can spot some things of interest....

like this female Northern Flicker that was working over those shrubs on the collapsed 'log bay' yesterday.  Usually flickers are seen regularly all winter but this winter they have been in short supply.

What have been seen regularly, at least in the park is this...

male Hairy Woodpecker....took this yesterday when he was working away deep in a grove of trees.  Today I saw a female so that is good news, we obviously have a pair in the area.

Yesterday was interesting as there were a number of...

Varied Thrush.  We usually expect to see these guys on dark rainy days, not bright sunny ones.  Today there was a flock of Golden-crowned Kinglets down low working over the bushes, unfortunately didn't manage a photo of those active little guys.

Song Sparrows are becoming more and more visible as they are pairing up and staking out nesting territories.

this little guy was drying out after a bath.  Song Sparrows were probably the earliest nesters in our area, at  least they were before the Anna's Hummingbirds arrived on the scene.

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