Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Harrison Bay

Beautiful day today, just like spring...took the dogs for a walk over to Kilby...

was pretty quiet over there, just like it has been everywhere else lately...

there was this family of Trumpeter Swans in quite close to shore.  Quite a few more further out.

over in the adjacent farm fields there were masses of ducks and geese...

mainly Northern Pin Tail and Green Wing Teal with a few Mallard.

the trees along the dyke were full of Black-capped Chickadees some of them already giving their 'here Penny' breeding season call.

there were a few Red-wing Blackbirds but not many.  Something strange has been happening with this species in this area this winter.  We are finding sick and dying birds and the numbers of the around seem to be dropping rapidly.  Authorities have picked up some of the dead birds, Avian Flu has been ruled out but we are still waiting for word of what is actually happening to them.

and will finish off with this juvenile Bald Eagle perched in a tree in the parking lot.

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