Saturday, January 10, 2015

Typical January.....

What with one thing and another haven't gotten out for too many walks lately...

which doesn't really matter because we back into typical, dull, grey, January weather with not a lot of anything much around.  Still a few eagles, some ducks and a heron or two....that is pretty much it.

some times when you walk the trail you don't see anything, other times there is lots of activity like this Spotted Towhee scratching in the leaf litter.

Still watching the Anna Hummingbird activity....

today we had at least 3 different ones at the feeder.  A male, a young one and this one which I think is a female although I'm wondering if it might be a young male just getting it's colour.  Will have to get out my field guide and try and figure it out.

We also have a bit of a mystery happening with Red-wing Blackbirds in the area....will report more when I have some answers.

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