Sunday, January 4, 2015

Snow day

Well as we got snow...

this was taken about 11 this morning.....

and this about 2:00 all we got close to 6 inches before it switched over to rain.

there were a number of Bald Eagles around....obviously they weren't all up at Brackendale where there was concern about the low numbers for this first day of their annual Eagle Festival.

there aren't a lot of gulls left around but this Glaucous-wing was over at the log bay this morning.

Not a lot of birds around today, this Varied Thrush was one of several at our place until a Sharp-Shin Hawk decided to take up residence.  Unfortunately missed an opportunity to get a photo of it.

Anna's Hummingbird was still out there in the snow.  This is about the time of year they disappeared last year so I'm interested to see how long I'll continue to see them this year.

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