Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Feeding eagles

February isn't a month when we are normally posting lots of eagle photos but today is an exception!  To start with our normal walk through the park is out of commission for the moment as the parks department is doing work on the path....not sure what they have in mind but I guess we'll find out what they're up to once they've finished.  Since we couldn't do the normal, we went over to Kilby where there wasn't much of anything happening until we noticed...

way over against the far shore, the resident pair of Bald Eagles busy hunting something...they kept circling around and diving down to the water levels....these pictures are really zoomed and really cropped but the pair of them are in the above one.

in this one, one of the eagles is right in the water - right in the middle of the photo...

and what ever it was they were after, they got, as the one on top of the log is now ripping it apart.

Headed home we did the normal run along the side of the estuary and down in this corner....

right beside the road, we spotted....

quite the collection of eagles on the ground.  There were actually 4 juveniles when we stopped, only 3 in the photo, and one adult.  There were others perched around the area.

we couldn't tell exactly what they had been eating.

This adult seemed to keep it's distance..

while this young one was right down below us.  Had to take the photo through the bushes rather than take a chance of scaring it....about two seconds after taking this photo a large truck roared by and this and all the rest of them took off.

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