Sunday, July 27, 2014

A morning out in the canoe

It was a nice morning so we decided to take the canoe out again....

We are sort of between 'season's' right now.  Checked out the Purple Martin boxes but they were empty,no sign of any Martins today, in fact there was no activity at any of the swallow boxes either and very few swallows,other than Barn Swallows around.  We did see some young...

Spotted Sandpipers....there were actually 3 here at the first bay.  

decided to head over to the edge of the Harrison River, the 'islands' are just about re-emerging but not quite.  Shorebirds should be starting to migrate through any time now so happy to know there will be some 'shore' for them to settle on.  Water was flowing very swiftly here so turned back.

lots of Canada geese everywhere you looked.  Most still in molt but obviously some were now finished and able to fly again.

quite a few Great Blue Heron including this very young one.  Once again we could hear a Loon but never spotted it.  Headed up the Chehalis River and saw....

young Hooded Merganser up ahead, there was also something large crashing about in the vegetation and worried that it might be that mother bear with her cubs, we didn't go any further. 

Could hear Pied-bill Grebe but couldn't spot them.  Headed back home.....of note lately around the feeders are the number of....

American Goldfinch....lots of youngsters (none in this photo), the adults are already loosing their bright breeding plumage.

lots of Chestnut-backed Chickadee families too.  Also still seeing lots of young Steller's Jay and the last few days, Northern Flicker seem to be all over the place.

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