Friday, July 18, 2014

Short walk at Harrison Bay

The heat wave over the past while has kept us inside but since today it is easing up to more reasonable temperatures we went over to Kilby for a short walk along the dike.

Could hear quite a few birds but didn't see that many....

there were quite a few young swallows, like these two Tree Swallows....

and this young Barn Swallow.  Also saw a Great Blue Heron, a few Robins, and a Bald Eagle.

Since the campground is full, took this photo of the bay from further along the dike.

as you can see the water levels are still high with not much in the way of beach showing.  It was also quite windy today.

stopped and took this view looking up the Harrison River...there is apparently a wildfire burning further up the river but no sign of it from this end.  We're hoping to get back out in the canoe again soon, there should be a few areas of dry land re-emerging and in another couple of weeks we should be starting to see migrating shorebirds.

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