Saturday, July 5, 2014

Rough ride

After much debate as to what the weather was going to do, we decided to chance it and take the canoe out this morning.  

that piling is obviously a favorite Bald Eagle perch as there was one on it again this morning.  Headed over to check out the situation at the martin boxes...

they were still there but not as many so I  expect that as the young become more independent they will probably be leaving...

notice the leg bands on this Purple Martin.  So after quickly checking here we made a bee line for the arm of the Chehalis River.  Skies were still iffy, 

as we approached saw a very large flock of Canada Geese sneaking along, obviously in their molt stage when they are incapable of flight so stay hidden and very, very quiet.

once we were in the river there were swallows everywhere!  Mainly Northern a bunch of young ones (there is one young Tree Swallow at the extreme right).

All the swallows, like this Tree Swallow, were flying low over the river and actually dipping and picking bugs up off of the surface...tried to capture that but didn't manage too.

There were also Violet-green Swallows, like this one above.  Headed further up the river keeping an eye out for the mother black bear that is apparently in the area and rather protective of her two cubs.  

Found a number of Spotted Sandpiper....there were also lots of Cedar Waxwing, but keeping high up in the tree tops.  There were at least 2 Belted Kingfisher, 3 Great Blue Heron, and a whole mess of young Common Merganser, unfortunately they were hugging one side of the river and we were on the other with a screen of grass between us, so no photos.

As we were in the river we noticed it getting darker and the temperature was dropping but didn't realize how wild it had got out there until we rounded the corner to head for home....

it was a very rough ride....but the rain actually held off until the canoe was back on the truck!

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