Sunday, July 6, 2014

Calmer canoe ride

Got brave and attempted heading out in the canoe again this morning...

it was much calmer out there today.  We decided to just creep along the edges alongside Morris Valley Road and over to the Nature Trust lands.

We sure heard lots of birds but they were staying hidden.  As we got into this area there were Red-wing Blackbirds, Common Yellow throat and Marsh Wren but spotting them was hopeless.  We could hear Pied billed Grebe and unfortunately, we also heard bullfrogs.  Bullfrogs are an invasive species that are depleting the population of native frogs.

worked our way in as far as we could, haven't been in here for years.  Again, birds everywhere but not co-operative for photo taking.

did find some aquatic wildflowers....looked them up and this is Lesser Bladderwort

As we headed out we could hear a call that neither of us recognized....couldn't find anything so have no idea what it was...a water bird of some sort I think.  As water levels drop the water birds will be forced into channels and that is when there is more likelihood of spotting them.  Right now there are just too many places to hide.

speaking of hiding....more molting Canada Geese.

The only bird sighting of note today was this.....

Eastern Kingbird.

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