Monday, August 4, 2014


Another stretch of way too hot weather has had us spending all our time on our shaded patio, and today we were entertained by yet another family of Chestnut-backed Chickadees....

this time there were at least 5 of the little guys and they were very taken with our little water feature.

this little guy sat on our patio table, with both of us there as well.

here a couple decided to bath together.

at one point a Pine Siskin dropped in to see what was going on.  Haven't seen Pine Siskin for a while but a few are starting to show up.

Chickadee's aren't the only baby birds still around.  

this fledgling Song Sparrow has been out there the last 3 days but isn't as co-operative as the chickadees when it comes to having it's photo taken.  A mother robin was seen with a mouthful of worms while Steller's Jay have been in and out.  Still some American Goldfinch babies as well although not as many as a week or so ago.  All this should serve to remind that the nesting season stretches well into the month of August so no tree cutting or heavy shrub pruning  yet!

One more look at the sweet little guys....

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