Thursday, August 28, 2014

Walk to the park

Today, for the first time since I guess about last April, we were able to walk across the grasslands to the park.

it is a little mucky still in some places but so nice to be able to access the area again!

here is the first bay....apparently a large log got washed into this area during high water...

and the log bay.  There wasn't a lot in the way of bird activity if you don't count the masses of swallows and possibly swifts that were flying around over head.

there had been a large flock of Bushtits just as we started the walk.

and there are a lot of Cedar Waxwing around right now enjoying the bounty of berries.

it might be almost the end of August but there are still a lot of very young baby birds of a number of species.  This one being a White-crowned Sparrow....still in the 'fledgling' and not yet to the 'juvenile' stage.

Yesterday on an evening walk I had seen a large variety of birds so headed out again this evening, of course no two days are ever the same....

tonight the only birds I saw were these....

young Mallard, obviously raised in the area where someone must have been feeding them because they were a little perturbed when I had nothing to offer.

there was also a Great Blue Heron perched a little ways out and a few gull flying around.

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